Arizona: Model Happy Hour

The same group of people that I’ve gone on previous photowalks with also have a studio. Once a month, they’d have a Happy Hour Model Shoot. If you paid to attend the shoot, you shot the paid models with strobe lighting setups. If you attended the free happy hour to network, you shot the models who showed up to network, normally with a continuous lighting setup that didn’t change.

I didn’t often get to shoot the paid model shoot, because of work and my commute. In 2016, I had the chance, so I signed up. These images are for my portfolio use only and have been post-processed to have a more vintage feel.

Male model

Female model

While portrait and fashion photography are not my favorite things to do, I participated in as many of these happy hour shoots as I could. My main reason was to get used to asking a model to pose. As an introvert who typically does landscapes without people, it was a good way to safely expand my horizons without fear or judgment.

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