Washington: Kenny Chesney concert (2013)

In June 2013, we drove to the Seattle area to attend the only Pacific Northwest tour date for Kenny Chesney. This was a stadium tour, so his concert was held at CenturyLink Field.

The outside of Century Link Field as we walked from our parking garage to the stadium.

We arrived a little early, so we had some time to chill outside and enjoy the beautiful day. Sunny days in early June are rare in Washington and Oregon!  🙂

The train station near the stadium.
Beautiful brick building with advertisement billboard in the distance.

Inside the stadium

When Kenny Chesney does a stadium concert, it’s never just him up on stage. There are usually 2-3 musical acts before his performance. This tour stop had three acts: unknown (local) band; Eli Young Band; and Eric Church.

This was our view from our seats in Section B. The fenced in area was the Sandbar section for standing room only pit for concertgoers, complete with bars.
This was the stadium seating map for the concert. We are in Section B, about 20 rows back, but before the rows get long.

Eli Young Band

Eli Young Band is not my favorite band, but they were decent in concert.

Eric Church

Eric Church is a headliner band in his own right – we saw him in concert a month or two before this concert for his “Chief” tour. He is amazing in concert, but I certainly wouldn’t want to be in the pit area while he’s performing. Things can get pretty rowdy at his concerts.

Kenny Chesney

This was our first time seeing Kenny Chesney in concert. While his performance was awesome, several events happened before and during his performance that made us swear to never see him in concert again unless it was a much smaller venue. By the time the concert ended, we had beer spilled on us from people both in front and behind us, and an entire family had been escorted off-premises by King County sheriffs for being so drunk they were belligerent. Then there was the young woman who was clearly on some drug who had passed out on the row of seats by the time Kenny took the stage (she was in the row directly across the aisle from us).

Because I can’t take a decent DSLR into the stadium, these shots were the best I could do.  🙂 By the way, we did see Kenny again in concert at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV a year later. It was a much better experience for us.  🙂

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