Tennessee: Grand Ole Opry (2016)

In June 2016, we took a trip to Nashville for CMA Fest. CMA Fest is a multi-day country music festival with several stages and a fan expo. As big country music fans, it was a bucket list item for us. Of course, visiting the Grand Ole Opry was also a bucket list item, so we made sure we had time to see a show.

We booked the latest showing of the Opry, but arrived a couple of hours early so we could take advantage of some outdoor performances and get better parking.

Outdoor performances

Both Chris Janson and Lindsay Ell performed outside on a small stage for about 15 minutes each. Because I only had my “concert” camera instead of my DSLR, I only got a few photos. None of my Lindsay Ell photos turned out well due to lighting and the crowd.

I love seeing the artists smile when on stage. Unfortunately, my height puts me at a disadvantage when someone taller gets in front of me, so there’s a head in the bottom right corner.

Inside the Opry

On the marquee at the Grand Ole Opry that night were Chris Janson, Lindsay Ell, Carrie Underwood, Darius Rucker, Charles Esten, and Jeannie Seely. There were a couple of other artists I didn’t know.

The announcer for the Grand Ole Opry.
Chris Janson on the stage.
Chris Janson playing the guitar, close up.
Darius Rucker singing his heart out.
Lindsay Ell up on stage.
Carrie Underwood playing guitar while singing.
Carrie Underwood singing up on stage.
Charles Esten playing guitar.
Charles Esten singing and rolling up his sleeves.


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