Oregon: 4th of July on the Columbia River (2012)

From the time I met Bob in 1995, most of our 4th of July holidays were spent on his brother’s barge in the Columbia River. The barge offered an amazing view of the Fort Vancouver fireworks display. I don’t have any pictures of fireworks, but there were plenty of opportunities for other photos.


If it is a beautiful day on the Columbia River, there are always boats taking advantage of it. This is even more true when it’s the 4th of July.

Some of the boats get pretty close to the barge, like this one.
The flag shows just how windy it was that day. Windy but beautiful!
Lots of boats with the Interstate bridge in the background. The fireworks barge was in that general direction.
Pretty cool sail on this boat.


The marina is located fairly close to Portland International airport, so you can catch planes heading out of the airport. Because of noise restrictions, planes climb out of Portland at a pretty steep trajectory.

Plane flying out of PDX airport.


I always have fun capturing the details.

A decrepit pier nearby.
The decrepit pier from a wider angle.
The docking ropes for the barge.

Sunset view

The barge is uniquely positioned to get sunset views of the Interstate bridge and the Columbia River at sunset.

Sunset #1.
Sunset #2.


2 thoughts on “Oregon: 4th of July on the Columbia River (2012)

  1. I volunteer at the annual Vancouver Fireworks Spectacular at Fort Vancouver. It’s always a lot of fun. Hopefully the COVID-19 restrictions can be lifted by then so that we can celebrate again this year.

    1. I think 2012 was the last time we did the Fort Vancouver fireworks, because my husband had open heart surgery in July 2013. The fireworks were always spectacular.

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