Arizona: Phoenix Zoo (2016)

In January, 2016, Bob and I attended a photowalk at the Phoenix Zoo with some local photographers. Bob went with me on this photowalk, as neither of us had been to the zoo yet since moving to Arizona.

The entrance area at the Phoenix Zoo.

The entrance area was pretty cool. Shade sails are pretty common in the desert Southwest.

It was a sunny but chilly day, so Bob broke out the sunglasses and the warm jacket.
Birds and their reflection.
I guess you want me to walk across the rope, right? 😀
Nope, I’m done with pictures.

Farm animals

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
Seriously, are you done taking my photo yet?
I take a better portrait than he does. Here’s my best side.

Other animals

The Sumatran tiger was done for the day. No more photos.
I’m as free as you can be when residing at the zoo.
My right side is my best side.

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