Arizona: Sedona (2014)

One of the Phoenix photographers I knew arranged a photowalk with a Sedona photographer to view Cathedral Rock. Since we’d never been to Sedona, we arranged a 3-day weekend to check it out. Our destinations were the Chapel of the Holy Cross, Cathedral Rock, and the surrounding Red Rock country areas.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

We got up fairly early to go see the Chapel of the Holy Cross. We had the place almost all to ourselves for about 30 minutes.

Views from the chapel

Red Rock country views

Cathedral Rock

We met up with the photographers on a Saturday afternoon and stayed through sunset.

Taken during the golden hour before sunset.
As the sun started going down, the clouds started rolling in.
Taken during the blue hour time after sunset.

We left shortly after the last photo above was taken. The path back to the parking area was mostly in a forested area, so it was pretty dark. We stumbled a few times, but made it back.  🙂


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