Texas: Birds and beaches

As I mentioned in Texas: Day trip to Rockport, here are the better photos from our trip.

Birds in Rockport

The photos speak for themselves. What an unexpected opportunity to capture these birds.

Birds and beaches at Mustang Island State Park

This was the largest shade pavilion we saw in the area. The rest of the pavilions could hold about 4-6 people.
Oil derricks are visible in the distance behind the waves.
The signs and flag were pretty clear about swimming at your own risk. No lifeguard, lots of wind.
That didn’t stop the busload of early teens that ran onto the beach though. A lot of folks disrobed or took off their shoes before reaching the sand.
A bird family was walking along the beach.
I imagine these were the parents of all the little birds to the right, probably trying to keep the family together. 🙂

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