Texas: Day trip to Rockport

With only one day to relax between destinations, we had two choices: relax at the RV or go exploring. We chose to go exploring by driving to Rockport, about 2.5 hours away on the Texas Gulf Coast.

The drive was uneventful and mostly boring, except for crazy Texas drivers.  🙂 I lost count of how many times someone was in our oncoming lane trying to pass vehicles in the other direction.


Close to Fulton Beach, we found a sensitive waterbirding habitat with lots of birds.

More photos of those birds will be coming soon!  🙂


After photographing the birds, we headed towards the Rockport Visitor Center. I talked with a nice lady there, and came out loaded with brochures for Rockport, the Texas Gulf Coast, and other locations. A short drive away, we found the Apple Dumpling Deli. Their sandwiches are HUGE, so we both just ordered half sandwiches. It was plenty!

Definitely a place to stop by again.

RV Parks

We checked out a couple of RV parks for future reference. We figured since we’ll be back to check out Rockport and the surrounding areas, we might as well compile a short list of RV parks we’d like to stay at.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is ~30 miles west of Rockport, and we’d never been, so we drove over that way. Corpus Christi is the 8th largest city in Texas, and it lives up to its billing. Even during non rush hour traffic times, the traffic was slow in certain areas. And of course, the ever present road construction didn’t help.  🙂

Mustang Island State Park is in the southern area of Corpus Christi, right next to Padre Island. Since we have a Texas State Parks Pass for a year, we headed over that way. Beautiful beach, amazing waves, and shaded picnic/sitting areas. We only stayed for an hour, but it was relaxing. We’ll be back! Plus, I have photos to share in later posts.

Bob leaning forward, with one of the larger shaded sitting areas in the distance.

Port Aransas Ferry

We looked on our maps and GPS, and realized that instead of going back through Corpus Christi, we could drive to Port Aransas and catch the ferry to get back to the correct road and direction. I think I had been on a ferry once before, so this was a pretty new experience. It was also free.

On the ferry!

We didn’t have nearly enough time, but we’ll definitely be back! Now we head towards the Houston area – we’ll be staying in Willis over the weekend, and attending the Houston Rodeo on Saturday.

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