Texas: A long travel day

When we originally put this itinerary together, a 5 hour drive didn’t seem like a long time. With a nasty rain storm, which meant we were driving about 10-15 mph under the speed limit, it got a lot longer.

The rain

We could see the rainstorm in the distance from one of our rest stops.
Our RV and the clouds.

But we really didn’t know how bad it would be until we were in it. We use an app called Radarscope, and sometimes it’s a guessing game to figure out which radar station you need to be looking at (Fort Stockton was under the Odessa/Midland radar).

At the time I took this radar image, we were NW of Kerrville in one of the yellow areas.
While we were in the middle of the rain with windshield wipers going.

But, as you can see from the radar map, eventually we continued driving SE while the storm went NE. Eventually, we saw blue skies. 🙂

We finally got to our destination around 4:30, which is about 2 hours later than planned. I have no pictures of traveling in San Antonio. Driving an RV through San Antonio is not for the fainthearted. It felt like we went 10 rounds in a boxing match before finally emerging as the winner.

Our destination

We are staying in a beautiful state park, and the sites are spacious.

All that space next to our RV (up to the power pole on the next site to the left).
Nice to see blue skies.

We’ll be happy when the drive to Livingston is over. We definitely scheduled it too tight, we don’t like the 1-2 days here, then pick up and go kind of trip. Our next destination puts us a lot closer to the Houston Rodeo for Maren Morris.

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