Texas: Staying in Brownsville for the winter

You might have seen me mention that we're in Brownsville for a while. We left Elgin, TX (near Bastrop, TX) in mid-August to come to the Brownsville area. We had quite the trip to Brownsville. Visiting RockportYes, we could have driven through/around San Antonio and arrived in Brownsville in one long day of driving, but … Continue reading Texas: Staying in Brownsville for the winter

Texas: Severe thunderstorm season

The Panhandle area of Texas is experiencing what is known as the severe weather season. Fast (and slow) moving thunderstorms, with wind gusts up to 70 mph, and pockets of hail. Monday's storm included golf ball to baseball sized hail, but we were lucky. That hail fell on the eastern side of Amarillo, and we … Continue reading Texas: Severe thunderstorm season

Texas: Rainy day

Today was a pretty rainy day here in Fort Stockton. We realized today that we had gotten used to the monsoon type of rain. Guess it's time to adjust to different weather patterns again! 🙂 The light areas on the ground in the background of the photo are where all the water collected.