New Mexico: A night in Deming

After a night in Tucson, we headed towards New Mexico. Even though it is a 3 hour drive, we took our time. Part of our time was spent battling the wind, which meant going under the speed limit.

Entering New Mexico from Arizona.

Once we entered New Mexico, we only had another 85 miles to go. Even though it was windy for a good portion of our drive, it calmed down some.

Of course, as soon as we arrived and started to set up at the RV park, the wind started picking up. We arrived just in time! You might recognize this park from a previous visit – we stayed in Deming for the month of September 2019.

Bob going into RV after putting down blocks for the tires on the right side.

I usually stay on the outside while Bob drives up on to the blocks, so I can tell him when the tires are centered.

A side view of the RV with the blocks placed.

We’re heading to Fort Stockton, TX for a couple of days. Not sure what we’ll do there, as the forecast shows lots of rain and a thunderstorm, but we’ve got tasks we can accomplish in the RV.

We could have done the entire trip in 4 days, but we are trying to enjoy more than just one night at the RV parks in Texas. We are staying 2-3 nights in each location until we get to Livingston.

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