Texas: Welcome to our new state

With a long drive ahead of us, we left Deming around 8:30 a.m. We didn’t unhook our Jeep when we pulled into our spot, so it didn’t take very long to get ready to go.

What the skies looked like when we left Deming.

Welcome to Texas

We stopped at the Texas Welcome Center in Anthony, Texas, right at Exit 1. While we couldn’t stop and take a picture of the Welcome to Texas sign, we took plenty of photos at the Welcome Center.

Welcome to Texas!

Of course, there were other plaques and items of interest, so here they are:

Yes, this is a trash can with the Texas state flag.
Ringed around the Texas star were the 6 flags that have flown in the state of Texas.
One of the first signs you see after parking.
Yes, he’s very happy to be in Texas!

We stopped a few more times along the way, but we finally made it to the Fort Stockton area shortly after 4 p.m.

RV park views

Like most RV parks in this price range, it’s a fairly bare bones RV park. Unlike other parks, all sites are pull thru, full hookup, and there’s a pool. 🙂

Random metal art at the end of our row – our RV is the 2nd one on the right.
Home sweet home for the next two nights.
Looking west.
Looking north.


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  1. Fort Stockton is our stop city whenever we traverse I10. If you have time stop by the Annie Riggs Museum and the historic Fort Stockton. Both are quite interesting.

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