Arizona: Quartzsite RV Show

If you look carefully at the logo for this event, you’ll see it’s actually the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation and RV Show – but RVers just call it the Quartzsite RV Show.

We actually attended the show in January 2017, right after we’d moved into our RV full-time as our residence. Our experience this time was a little bit different, but only in the vendor areas.

Entering the show area, with the big tent in the background.


Arrive early. We arrived right around 9 a.m., when the tent opens, and were able to find parking almost immediately. By the time we left at noon, the parking vultures were circling and the roads were jammed with folks looking for parking. I’d recommend for “closer to the show tent” parking, arrive between 8:30 – 8:45 a.m.


There are vendors in two places: the tent and the midway.

Just inside the show tent.
Down one of the aisles.

One of the first vendors we stopped and spoke with was Escapees. Since I was wearing my Xscapers Bash 2020 t-shirt, it was pretty clear I was an Escapees member (Xscapers is a group in Escapees).

One of the volunteers from the Xscapers Annual Bash was at the Escapees booth.
The BattleBorn rep was also at the Xscapers Annual Bash.

We picked up a battery isolation manager at the BattleBorn Batteries booth – after yesterday’s install, we determined we had a need. Show special price too!  🙂

The midway

Outside of the show tent, the midway vendors are usually the larger vendor spaces, like Countryside Interiors, Dometic, Ford, and several bike/e-bike vendors.

Our cabinetry vendor for the custom desk and credenza in our RV.

We call out Countryside Interiors specifically because we arranged for them to update our desks and credenza with some drawer pulls while they were vending at the show. After several months of use, we had determined that we needed drawer pulls.

The funny thing about this desk with foldout table is that this is our original laminate. Because they did not meet the initial delivery date to Countryside, we switched to a different pattern choice. Still looks pretty nice!
Bob talking with our cabinet maker, Justin.

Food vendors

Food at the RV show is the stereotypical fair food. I just had to get a funnel cake.  🙂

A funnel cake with cinnamon and sugar topping.
A food vendor.

The RV Show surprise

When we met up with Justin at Countryside to install the drawer pulls, he let us in on a surprise: our desk remodel was displayed in the wrap on their trailer.

We are the photo for “Cabinets” on the trailer.
A full-length look at the trailer.

It was really cool seeing our remodel on the trailer. What’s even funnier is seeing one of the cat toys in the photo – a close look at the dark area on the right side of the photo shows the bottom bunk with a cat toy in front. And that’s our framed engagement photo on Bob’s side of the desk.

It’s worth going to the RV Show at least once. The vendors have gotten more RV specific, but there’s still a lot of wasted space with vendors hawking essential oils, cutco knives, cookware, purses, and the like. At times, it felt like we were running a gauntlet to get past the vendors we didn’t want to talk to. My advice is to go for specific vendors and show deals, depending on what your needs are.

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