Arizona: Brand new RV batteries installed

As we mentioned in a previous Annual Bash post, we purchased some lithium ion batteries for the RV. Our friends at Power Up RV Solar installed our batteries.

Our old batteries

Our old batteries were golf car batteries. As I understand it, even though we should have been getting 200 amps of usable power, our batteries were not providing that much. And since dry camping means no power, that meant we were using the generator a little more than we wanted to. Since our generator runs on propane, that meant we were spending more money than intended on propane.

The old battery set up.
Yes, it gets dusty in that area, because it is open/vented to the road.


The new batteries

Our four new batteries were nicely packaged, so while we were waiting for our installer, we just stored them in our basement.

Batteries in the basement.
Three out of four batteries placed.
Putting the cabling on.
All four batteries cabled up.
Close up of the cabling.
The batteries have been cabled to secure them.

We are looking forward to not having to use the generator very often. I’ll post again about our Battleborn batteries in a few months, after we’ve had some time to use them.

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