Arizona: Xscapers Annual Bash, Days 8 & 9

Day 8 was a long day, and I knew that Day 9 would be light on photos, so I combined the two days together.

Day 8 at the Bash

Day 8 was technically the last full day at the Bash. Everything was wrapping up, and the evening was jam packed with all sorts of fun stuff.

We went to one final educational session on domicile, presented by Shawn Loring, the CEO of Escapees.

After the session was over, we finally figured out where the dump station was, and we loaded up our towable blue boy with grey water. Bob hooked it up to the Jeep, and slowly we drove to the dump station.

This gave us a bit of breathing room on the grey tank, as we mentioned in our last post.

The last night festivities

It was a big blowout, even bigger than the NYE blowout.

The two of us behind the Xscapers X.
Friends dressed up for the Neon Glow theme night.
The Rave Rover in all its glory.


Same amazing neon glow apparel in the crowd!


The lead singer of Wicked Truth.

Day 9 at the Bash

Basically, it was time to go, unless you paid for an extra night. We paid for the extra night so we could do a few things to the RV before heading out.

But first, there were donuts:

Donuts in the camp center.
Lots and lots of donuts – 1200 in all.

Once we got our sugar rush, we headed back to clean up and organize. I noticed the cats while I was cleaning inside.

Where did our “cat TV” go?

We had a few moments of panic in the afternoon. Bob had turned off the inverter in preparation for one of the attendees to look at our current batteries, and it wouldn’t come back on. After much gnashing of teeth and troubleshooting, Bob determined it was a dead switch.

According to Bob, the hole in the bottom piece should not be there. When Bob took the cover off, the bolt was unthreaded and out of its hole.

We acquired a new switch, and now we’re good (and have power)!

This lot was full of RVs just this morning. Now we’re one of about 8 RVs left on this lot.


We had a great time at the Xscapers Annual Bash. Except for the food poisoning, a good time was had by all.

There’s no better way than to close out our posts about the Bash than hearing the guitar solo from “We Will Rock You” by Queen as performed by Wicked Truth. I do not claim copyright on this song or performance.

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