Arizona: Celebrating the new year with Xscapers

For the first time in a long time, we actually celebrated New Year’s Eve with people…but not just people, Xscapers. I’ve mentioned Xscapers before, while we were in Deming, New Mexico.

Before we headed to the event, we captured a nice sunset reflecting off of our rig.

Old year sunset.

The event

We moved from our spot at the LTVA in Quartzsite over to one of the 14 day BLM areas on the north side of town. This area is huge, so we set up near the perimeter of the event, by the road. Normally, we’d be a little closer, but due to some battery issues, we wanted to make sure we didn’t irritate other campers with extended generator usage.

Starting at 8:00 p.m. on December 31, we joined the other revelers in the brand new event pavilion for some dancing, eating, and drinking. Well, we didn’t drink anything other than water, but others did.  🙂

Selfie of us at the back of the pavilion.
Selfie of us at the back of the pavilion.
Another selfie that proves we were actually at the event. 🙂
Picture of the crowd inside the pavilion.
Another picture of the crowd inside the pavilion.

The countdown

As we got closer and closer to the countdown, the crowd thinned a little bit, and official photos of the crowd were taken. We were in the back, near the stage, so we got a bunch of hands in the air.  🙂

Unfortunately, once the photo was over, we were standing in front of a speaker as the music came back. Ouch. We moved back to prevent further hearing damage, and got positioned for the ceremonial sewer hose drop.

The sewer hose drop

Yes, you read that right.  🙂 Instead of a ball in Times Square, the Xscapers drop the ceremonial sewer hose. It’s plainly visible in the last two photos above (clear with lights inside on the top right).

The bonfire

A bonfire was setup outside the event pavilion, and at 12:01 a.m. on January 1, someone’s Christmas tree and the old Xscapers event sign were started on fire.

Christmas tree is burning.

How fast did it burn up? Let’s just say that a dry Christmas tree is very flammable and doesn’t last long. Once the tree and sign were obliterated, we moved around a little bit and captured more of the fire and the new Xscapers sign.

Bonfire with the Xscapers sign way in the back.
New Xscapers sign.

Before we left for the night, we got a little video of the bonfire.


All in all, we had a good night and we enjoyed the celebration. Our next Xscapers event is the annual bash in Lake Havasu City, starting in 10 days.

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  1. Hey Bob… Nice to see you continue your journey on the road, having fun and enjoying life 🙂 . Happy New Year to you and your wife, and I hope 2020 meets and exceeds all your plans and expectations.

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