Arizona: Xscapers Annual Bash, Day 7

Not a lot went on today, until the evening (for us, anyway). We ran some errands in the morning, then settled into the RV to see if we could snag the mobile dump vendor. That proved a lot harder than expected. There was only one truck, and they left at 2 p.m., and didn’t show up back again until 7 p.m. Too late for us, we were headed down to the dueling pianos.

Nighttime at the Bash

First things first. Our batteries were delivered directly to our RV around 5:30 p.m. Woohoo! We’ll definitely have at least one post for installation, and some follow up posts about the results afterwards.

The evening’s beautiful sunset.

After we put the batteries away, we briefly headed down to the center camp to vote in the guacamole competition. We didn’t actually taste test any entries, but picked our friends who were manning tables with their entries.  😀 (Understandably, Bob’s a little wary of homemade food made by others after getting food poisoning.)

We came back for a little dinner, charged up our phones, then headed out to the dueling pianos.

Dueling pianos

I think the last time I went to a dueling piano show, it was at a bar in Austin, TX for LavaCon 2010. So quite a few years ago. I had no idea what to expect in a RV rally format, as the format used in the bar required tips and buying drinks.  🙂

Fortunately, it was fairly interactive. We both enjoyed it!


The tent was packed with attendees.
The two piano players introducing how things will go.
Somebody with a birthday got pulled on stage.

But of course, the organizers of the Xscapers Annual bash had a pre-planned schtick somewhere in the middle. Note, I do not claim copyright to any music in this video. I didn’t recognize the song, but it has something to do with horses. The horses used in this schtick were also used in the Xscapers Olympics, which we did not participate in. 😀 It was a fun evening, but we headed out shortly after 9 p.m. to check on power levels and turn on the generator.

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