Arizona: Xscapers Annual Bash, Day 2

Today was a light day for activities. We ran some errands first thing in the morning: filling propane tanks, picking up an order at Home Depot, and some groceries.

Daytime at the Bash

Once we got back to the RV after our errands, we relaxed until it was time for our RV wash. Every Little Detail from Reno, Nevada was on-site to do RV wash and waxes. We also asked them to wash the Jeep as well. They did a great job!

The front windshield, while water is coming down from the roof.
The RV is all shiny and clean, from the front.
The RV from the rear.
The Jeep hasn’t been this clean since last year! 🙂

Once the Jeep and the RV were washed, it was time to get ready for the block party.

Nighttime at the Bash

The block party was an “area specific” party to introduce you to your fellow RV neighbors. We’re in the Upper General area, and it turned out the party location was 50 feet behind our RV. The organizers set up tables, RVers brought appetizers, and we had a good time.

RVers brought their chairs and originally set up in a circle.
Putting down appetizers on the tables.
Starting to get some food and talk to other people.
More meeting of new people, and lining up for the food.
There was a lot of variety of camping chairs.

We’re enjoying our time here, and taking it easy at the same time. We are not necessarily party people, but our focus at the Bash is making new connections so we know more people on the road.


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