Arizona: Xscapers Annual Bash 2020, Day 1

Today, we headed from our dry camping site south of Lake Havasu City to the Xscapers Bash in Lake Havasu City. Yes, we drove a whole 3.7 miles to get there right after the gates opened at 9:00 a.m.

Before heading to the Xscapers Bash, at the BLM land south of Lake Havasu City.

Daytime at the Bash

We arrived and got quickly parked into the upper General area, which is located above the main event space.

We set up solar LED lights around our RV to help us get back to our RV at night. Bob is driving a stake into the ground for the light.
Willow checking out the new “cat TV” view on the dash.

We got all settled, then went to the welcome announcements and group photo shoot.

The two of us, ready to get our photo taken in the group photo.

Nighttime at the Bash

Once the group photo shoot was over, we headed back to our RV for dinner and some recharging time. Once we felt like we could socialize again, we headed out to the main event area.

This is the “Rave Rocket” area. 🙂
These were much needed – definitely chilly outside this time of the year at night.

There was an 80s prom night going on, so we checked out the music and the stage.

The band was on a break, but there was still music playing.

When we had enough of the music, we headed towards the bonfire on our way back home. No cool “X” bonfire like the blowout event, but pretty darn cool nonetheless.

The firepit is a big bowl.
A closeup of the fire.

We met a lot of new folks, saw several folks from previous Xscapers events, and had a great time on our first day. We hope to have a lot more fun in the next few days!

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