Arizona: Xscapers Annual Bash, Day 3

After the block party last night, Bob became ill. We suspect food poisoning, but no one else became sick, so it could have been a short bug. Today, he stayed inside and rested a lot – he still felt weak. I drove to the grocery store and picked up some Gatorade G2 for electrolytes.

Since we spent a lot of time indoors in the morning, I checked out some afternoon and evening activites.

The RVers live taping

The RVers is a new broadcast television series produced by the award-winning producers of “The Aviators“, the world’s most popular aviation TV series. As part of today’s events, the show creator, producer, and host, Anthony Nalli, did a live taping for a future episode of the show. He interviewed Travis and Melanie Carr, Xscapers founders, on stage, while attendees served as a live studio audience.

Instead of model releases from everyone, there was a public filming notice.
JP on stage before the show taping started.
The RVgeeks telling us how the taping would go, and a little bit about the gear.
Testing out the microphones before the taping started.
Anthony interviewing Travis and Melanie Carr.
Anthony Nalli talking to the RVgeeks after the interview with the Carrs.

It was fun being a part of the audience – I’ll let you know if I appear in an episode!

Nighttime at the Bash

After the taping was over, I headed back to the RV and relaxed for a bit before checking out the evening festivities.

There were food trucks on site and a margarita “throwdown” contest.

The corndog food truck.
Street tacos stand.
Scoops, the homemade ice cream truck.

I taste tested a few margarita samples, but I was careful to drink lots of water between samples. Then I checked out the ice cream food truck, and had an amazing mint chip/chocolate double scoop. It was delicious!

Tomorrow, we hope to do a bit more, assuming Bob is 100% well. There are some fun activities planned.

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