New Mexico: 30 days to the Balloon Fiesta

Today is a big day! There are only 30 days left until the opening day of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and we are on our way to New Mexico from Arizona.

Heading to New Mexico

We are leaving the Phoenix area today, and taking Interstate 10 eastbound to Deming, New Mexico. We are members of the Escapees working age RVers group, xScapers, and there’s a month-long convergence at an Escapees park there.

We’ve been on the road full-time since the end of April, but we really haven’t met a lot of people “like us” who work on the road. Since we’re often in our RV during business hours at our desks, it’s hard to meet people who are out and about doing things. That’s why xScapers have convergences. Instead of trying to explain it, I’ll let this post do it for me: Why you need to attend an xScapers convergence.

While we are not extroverts, we do like interacting with other people and having things in common. This will be our first convergence. You do have to be an Escapees member to attend, so check it out.

Getting ready for the Balloon Fiesta

After we get to New Mexico, we have about 3.5 weeks before the Balloon Fiesta. That gives us some time to fix things (the awning blown off in Colorado) and prep things for dry camping for two weeks (get used to our new backup generator). The good thing about Deming is that it is about 4-4.5 hours from Albuquerque, so we can leave first thing in the morning on Monday, September 30 and arrive at the Balloon Fiesta RV camping area around lunch time. We are getting excited to be located near the launch field, which makes it a lot easier to access for photographic opportunities at the events.

If you’re wondering about how to reserve an RV spot, the Balloon Fiesta opens the RV registration every year 9 days after the current Balloon Fiesta is done, always on a Tuesday. All spaces are 19 feet wide by 50 feet deep. Parking is done rally style, and if you want to camp together with other RVs, you must arrive together. There are third-party vendors who (for a fee) provide water fills and black/gray tank pumping service. We are looking forward to the experience this year! More information is available on the Balloon Fiesta website: RV Information. It’s very popular to RV at the Balloon Fiesta – they currently have over 2600 waitlist requests for RV sites and the 2019 request window is closed.

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