Nevada: Another update on the generator issues

Last Wednesday, we got a call from the repair shop. They had done all they could to fix our generator, but had determined with assistance from the generator manufacturer that we needed to “reprogram the generator controller”. Of course, this could only be done by the manufacturer, and there were locations in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.

We made an appointment for the Las Vegas location, as I was already at the conference, but the appointment isn’t until Thursday, August 29th. In the meantime, Bob drove the RV down to Las Vegas, checked into an RV park, then picked me up from the casino hotel after Photoshop World.

We are calling the service manager on Monday, to make sure they are aware we live in our RV full-time, and they must keep the RV plugged in while they have it, since the cats will also be inside. And that they can’t keep it indefinitely while it sits on a back burner waiting for a part.

This is one of the things that we have found in Arizona and on the road: most service and repair facilities do not understand that folks live full-time in RVs, or they don’t care. While the last repair shop understood that, it did mean they had to remove our generator to work on it, while we lived in the RV. The Fleetwood service center in Oregon had RV spots with partial hookups (water and electric), so you could live in your RV while they were doing service. The only caveat was that if they needed to keep your RV inside the service bay overnight, we had to find a hotel or some place to stay. We moved ourselves and the cats to a friend’s house, because they don’t work on RVs with pets inside.

So, we have an unexpectedly longer stay in Las Vegas than originally planned, and we’ve adjusted our schedule of future stays. We’ll still drop by Phoenix for a couple of days before heading to New Mexico.

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