Chase the Blue Dot

After attending Midnight Madness, I got about 6 hours of sleep before heading to the last day of classes. Most of my sessions were on lighting, but as always, it’s the fun stuff I get photos of.  🙂 Sorry, no photos of Midnight Madness…just having too much fun.  🙂

Lighting setup

Only one lighting setup was available today, out in the rotunda area near registration.

Lighting setup.
Lighting with musician, no setup.


Normally, I don’t take photos of my food, but I couldn’t resist this time. I knew I would get one of these the first time I walked by this restaurant, so I waited until the last day. It was delicious! A bit on the expensive side, but it is Vegas and inside a casino.  🙂

Banana nut crepe on the plate.
Banana nut crepe on the plate.
Making the crepe behind the scenes.
Making the crepe behind the scenes.


Once again, I’m struck by the hotel decorations. The rotunda area had an amazing ceiling, full of this repeating pattern.

Rotunda decoration.
Rotunda decoration.

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