Nevada: Day 2, Photoshop World

After a full night’s sleep, I woke up refreshed and ready to learn, but I also had fun. It is hard to do a summary of sessions when the topics are so varied, so I will focus on the fun.

Photo shootout

Only 80 participants could sign up for the shootout with Scott Kelby. Basically, this was a blind challenge until the session time. I would need a camera and lens, but I had no idea what I would shooting.

We were put into groups of 8, and we had 30 minutes to take a portrait of one of our group members, then we chose one image and turned it over for a blind critique.

We headed to one of the floor show lighting setups. Several of us took turns as a model, including me.

Once we were done, we headed back and turned in our photos. In hindsight, I should have looked closer at the image I chose. While I made it past the first round of judging, I had chopped off my model’s chin.

Instructor Scott Kelby at the podium.

The lighting setup at the Westcott booth.
The photo I submitted.
The photo I should have submitted.

Lighting setups

Instead of the food setup from yesterday, this lighting setup had a guitar, lit by Westcott strip softboxes.

Guitar with lighting setup.

Guitar alone.

Stormtrooper with lighting setup.

Stormtrooper alone.

Hotel views

It is interesting to see the leading lines and symmetry in hotel decoration and design.

The line of stalls in the ladies’ restroom.

The neverending hallway to my room.

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings!

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