Nevada: Day 1, Photoshop World

The opening keynote started at 10 am, so I arranged to meet a couple of friends from Montana for breakfast. They were at the end of their stay, but our schedules overlapped just enough to meet.

The conference

The keynote was pretty inspiring, and I left for the first session feeling inspired to create.

The first session I attended was about color grading. This is a subject that I have been wanting to learn more about, and I did.

After the first session, the partner pavilion (known as the vendor expo at any other conference I have attended) was open, so I scoped it out for further visits.

One of the cool things about Photoshop World is that they have lighting setups available, styled by some well-known photographers.

These are taken with my iPhone XS Max. Unless I am in a shootout or session which involves a camera, I don’t tend to carry my camera around the conference.

This is what any given setup looks like.

I had a portfolio review, where I received some good constructive feedback from Matt Kloskowski. Mostly super nitpicky things that can elevate my photos to the next level.

Scott Kelby provided some really good travel photography tips, as well as some technical settings and recipes.

Back to Glyn Dewis for a master class on frequency separation in Photoshop. This is another technique I had heard of, but wanted to learn more about.

I am ready gor tomorrow’s sessions. I can’t wait to learn more.

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