Utah: Update on RV generator issues

We’ve been kind of quiet on our generator issues since we last posted about it late last month. We worked with the local Onan certified repair shop (our generator is a Cummins Onan model) to diagnose the issue. Cummins Onan said we voided our warranty by having the mobile repair shop open up one panel to diagnose the issue, so the repair shop submitted a claim to our extended warranty company.

This is where it gets fun.

When the repair shop reached out to the extended warranty company to file a claim (which the repair shop estimated at a minimum of $3000 for the issues identified), the company exercised their right to send out an inspector. It was Thursday afternoon when the shop called, so that meant that the inspector would likely show up on Friday, Monday, or Tuesday. Yes, you guessed it, they showed up on Tuesday afternoon.

The good news is that the extended warranty inspector approved the repairs.

The bad news is that when the repair shop was putting the generator back together to fix issues, they found more issues after the new inverter was installed.  So they called the extended warranty company back and need to file additional items in the claim.

It’s now Friday, and we are no closer to having our generator back in our RV. What does this mean for us? We had arranged our schedule to leave for Las Vegas, NV (~2.5 hour drive) on Tuesday, so I can attend the Photoshop World conference. The repair shop is waiting on a call from the extended warranty company about the updates, so they may or may not be working on the generator on Monday.

So now, instead of both of us going to Las Vegas on Tuesday, we’ll be moving the RV on Tuesday to another RV park (our reservation at the current park is up on Tuesday), one closer to the repair shop. As soon as we move the RV over, I drive to Las Vegas and check into the conference hotel. The good thing here is that I had booked a reservation late last year when I registered for the conference, and today was going to be the day I cancelled it if we were on track to leave. The bad thing is that I’ll be by myself and in a noisy hotel with a casino on the Strip instead of staying at the quiet Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort several miles off Strip.

We’ll play the rest of it by ear, but we are hoping they will finish up all the repairs and install the generator by the end of next Friday. As soon as the conference is over, I’ll drive back to southern Utah on Friday afternoon, and hope we’re checking out on Saturday as planned.

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