Utah: RV generator issues

As we traveled from Ogden, Utah to our RV resort, we stopped at a gas station with a large RV/truck parking lot. Since we were going to take a short break, we decided to turn off the engine and turn on the generator so we could run the A/C. Considering we had just dry camped 3 days before this, we had no reason to suspect we would have any issues.

We started the generator, but it didn’t stay on. We tried multiple times, but it still wouldn’t stay on. We gave up, and headed towards our destination.

Once we arrived, we asked about mobile RV repair companies and arranged with one to come out.

The service came out yesterday. It is not an easy fix. Turns out the hose connector for the coolant tank broke off and showered the inside of the generator with water. ☚ī¸

The generator from the front.
The coolant tank and the inside of the generator.

Here comes the fun part. We looked at our extended warranty. It *should* cover our generator. However, we called the extended warranty folks and were pretty much told, “Um, we don’t talk to the consumer who purchased the warranty. The repair shop has to call us.” Not only that, but it looks like mobile repair services are not covered repair shops. So now, in addition to having the mobile repair diagnose the issue, we now have to take the RV to an authorized repair facility, pay them to diagnose the issue, and then have the repair facility call the extended warranty company.

Oh yeah, that sounds like fun to me. We had the mobile repair guy work up an estimate/quote before we realized that the extended warranty wouldn’t cover him. He said that all the parts he would need are on a 3 week lead time. 🙁 Let’s hope that the authorized repair facility has some or all of the parts in stock, otherwise we will be in Utah for a bit longer. We have an appointment for early next week, and hope to hear good news about parts availability and service date.

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