Utah: Kolob Canyons at Zion National Park

We had plans this weekend to head to Zion National Park on Sunday. We did, but not in the way you might expect.

Because we got home at almost midnight Saturday from our road trip for sunset photos at Bryce Canyon, we decided there was no way we’d be able to get up at the crack of dawn and be in Springdale (the town right before Zion National Park) by 8 a.m. to avoid the crowds.

So we slept in, but headed to Kolob Canyons instead. Kolob Canyons is in the northwest corner of Zion National Park, so it still counts!  🙂 And it was much less crowded. The visitor’s center is just off the I-15 freeway, technically in the town of New Harmony, and about 17 miles south of Cedar City.

Our first view

Sunday was another beautiful day.

Looking towards I-15 in the distance down the canyon.
Looking towards the mountains in the distance.

Following the road

A little bit down the road, there was a perfect place to pull over and get the road with the mountains in the distance.

More road with a wider angle of the view.
A close up of the view with less road.

Halfway there

About the halfway point, there’s a large parking lot with a pit toilet building. Almost everywhere you look, there’s a good photo composition.

Amazing view from the parking lot to the other side of the road.
Love seeing the green pop up everywhere.
More green among the red rocks.
More amazing scenery.
A close up on some trees in the red rocks.

Reached the top

The top of the scenic drive is worth the drive. It’s hard to believe it was only a 5 mile drive when you arrive, as it feels like you are in another world, not just a few miles from the interstate.

A distant view.
Close up #1.
Close up #2.
Close up #3.
Close up #4.
Close up #5.
Close up #6.

You could stop at every single turnout/parking area and find some amazing scenery. We didn’t, but Kolob Canyons is close enough that we are planning to go back at least once more so we can check out more views.


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