Utah: Weekend plans

I took Friday as a day to catch up, chill, and prepare for this weekend’s adventures.

Saturday plans

We are leaving fairly early in the morning for the almost 3 hour drive to Bryce Canyon National Park. Our plans include checking out the following areas:

  • Fairyland Point: According to a few reviews, most people miss this viewpoint because it is right as you enter the park. Hoping to walk on the trail to see some interesting hoodoos glow.
  • Thor’s Hammer: Hoping to get close up photos by walking along the trail.
  • Inspiration Point
  • Natural Bridge: Consensus is that the best time to get amazing photos is mid-morning.
  • Sunrise Point: Despite the name, it’s best for sunset photos, not sunrise. 🙂
  • Paria View: Sunset and blue hour are the best time to check out this viewpoint.
  • Rainbow Point: Best photos are during sunset.

As you can see, if we don’t get too tired, we hope to stay and take some sunset photos.

Sunday plans

Take number two on Zion National Park. This time, we’ll both go and get there before 8 a.m., so we can park in the Visitor’s Center area.

Our plans include checking out the easy hikes, like the Archaeology Trail and the Lower Emerald Pool trail. Trail descriptions are found at the Zion National Park site.

As far as Zion goes, we’re not trying to do everything in one trip. Because we are so close, we can easily visit multiple times, instead of trying to do it all in one or two trips. This also means we’ll still have a chance to catch our breath on Sunday afternoon before Monday rolls around.

After all, we’ll have a lot of photos and video to process after visiting two national parks in one weekend! 🙂

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