Road Trip: Munds Park, AZ to Gallup, NM

We started our road trip towards Denver, CO, as we mentioned in Going with the flow, on Saturday.

After traveling from Phoenix to Munds Park on Saturday, we did some shopping and eating in Flagstaff, then prepared for today’s trip to Gallup, NM.

RV among the trees of Munds Park.
RV among the trees of Munds Park.

Checkout times vary by RV park, but we got out around 10 a.m. and headed towards Meteor Crater National Landmark. The crater is located near Winslow, Arizona, right off of Interstate 40/Route 66.

The Meteor Crater from the topmost observation point near the telescope.

The trip to the Meteor Crater was well worth it. The crater is 550 feet deep and a mile across and an amazing sight to behold. At the lowest observation deck, there are a bunch of plaques commemorating the family who discovered and maintains the crater. At the “middle” observation deck, there are several telescopes that point to several points of interest.

On the way out, there is an awesome view of the mountains to the northwest, framed nicely:

Mountain view from the gift shop area at Meteor Crater.

After we left the Meteor Crater, we headed towards Gallup, NM. It’s just over the state line from Arizona, and meant that we switched from the Arizona time zone to the Mountain time zone, one hour later.

The RV park we are staying at is nice. It has wide pull-through spaces, and we don’t feel cramped or jammed up against the next site.

The pull-through space at the USA RV Park.

Tomorrow, we’re taking off by 9 a.m. so we can get to Santa Fe as soon as possible. We’d like to be able to see a bit of Santa Fe and the surrounding area for a few hours. We arrived in Gallup too late to do much more than set up and rest from the windy drive.



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