Arizona: Buckeye Air Fair, Day 2

We started day 2 of the Buckeye Air Fair on a much better weather note. Blue skies, wispy/puffy white clouds, and sunshine. It was still cold for Phoenix residents (approximately 60 degrees, which is chilly if you’re used to 115 degree temperatures for 4 months), so we saw a lot of jackets and gloves.

On day 2, we went to the other side of the venue (Buckeye Municipal Airport) and checked out all the stuff we missed on day 1.

After checking out the non-aircraft related vendors, we started looking at planes. First up, the Coast Guard “Albatross” plane, an amphibious seaplane:

Next up, we checked out the C-119, also known as the Flying Boxcar:

Then we meandered around a little bit, caught bits and pieces of other planes and vehicles:


Then it was time for the airshow. With the beautiful skies, the aerobatics seemed even more impressive.

Yak 110 seemingly hanging in mid-air
Smoke trails coming out of the Yak 110

I’ll do another post with just airshow photos in a couple of days. With over 2,200 photos to go through, it takes a while to process.

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