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Arizona: Buckeye Air Fair Photo Gallery

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This post will be mostly photos. There were several acts at the airshow:

On Saturday only, there was an F-35 flyover from Luke Air Force Base.

The Yak 110 was the highlight of the airshow and showed off some pretty awesome aerobatics.

Yak 110 upside down with wheels in the air.
Yak 110 flying sideways with pilot and cockpit towards the sky.
Yak 110 flying sideways with pilot and cockpit towards the audience.

The Hangar 24 bi-plane had some pretty smooth aerobatic moves too!

Hangar 24 bi-plane heading to the left
Hangar 24 bi-plane headed straight up into the sky.
Hangar 24 bi-plane in cloudy skies.

The MXS-R aircraft, piloted by Brad Wursten, is sponsored by Lucas Oil. Pretty impressive aerobatics there, too.  🙂

Lucas Oil sponsored plane, piloted by Brad Wursten, upside down in the air.
Lucas Oil sponsored airplane, the MXS-R, in the air sideways with a smoke trail.
Lucas Oil sponsored airplane with smoke trail, and pilot facing audience.

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