Texas: New lenses from my favorite phone lens maker

Some of the photos I provide on this blog are taken on my iPhone 14 Pro Max, and before that on my iPhone XS Max. The only lenses I have used with both phones have come from Moment.

Today, Moment announces their new series of lenses: the T-Series.

About the T-series lenses

Designed for the next generation of phones,  T-series lenses support bigger camera sensors and wider apertures. Adding another layer of glass and re-inventing our patented bayonet interface, these lenses will blow you away. T-Series lenses are crisp, easy to use, and ready for any adventure. Sharp edge-to-edge, these lenses bring a new perspective to your phone.

Moment lenses line up

What Happens to M-Series Lenses?

My current Moment lenses are M-series lenses, so I was particularly interested in what I should do now.

Nothing. M-Series is an incredible line of lenses that aren’t going anywhere. Moment plans to keep them available to customers for years to come, especially for anyone rocking a phone made before 2022.

If you own M-series lenses, here is what you need to know…

  • Future iPhone Compatibility – Moment will continue to make M-Series, drop-in lens mounts for future iPhones. They can’t guarantee they will work with the same level of sharpness or without vignetted black corners, but they’ll functionally make sure you can mount your M-Series lenses on future iPhones.
  • Future Android Compatibility – They’ll continue to support older models with Android cases, but all of the new Android cases will be T-Series only.
  • Trade-In Program – They are offering a 120-day trade-in program for existing customers. Send them your M-series lenses, we’ll check their quality, and send you a store credit to pick up any of the T-Series gear.

What T-series lenses I’ll get first

  • Wide 18mm: This lens gives you a flatter, more organic wide shot. With a consistent wide-angle view, without the distortion you pick up with a phone’s ultra-wide lens.
  • Anamorphic 1.33x & 1.55x: Cinematic looks with rich flares, a 16:9 wide screen, and true black bars. Blue Flares give you the early 1960’s, JJ Abrams inspired look. Gold Flares bring that warm aesthetic you’d find in a Pre-36 anamorphic lens.
  • Macro 10x: Really really close lens that captures life-sized images of the smallest objects from an inch away. This lens is amazing at capturing rich textures, materials, or living things that on your phone were never before capable of seeing. The featured image on this blog post was captured using this lens.

How to mount T-series lenses

Moment provides two ways to mount the new lenses:

1. Moment Case w/ Drop-In Mount: There are new T-Series drop-in mounts that pop into your existing Moment Case.

  • iPhone 13 and newer.
  • Pixel 7 Pro and newer.
  • Launching with Galaxy S24 early next year.

2. Universal Lens Mount: If you don’t have a case for your phone, they offer their Universal Mount. It provides a multi-directional mounting solution to move your lens up, down, right or left…enabling you to align it directly over your phone’s camera lens. Check it out here.

Phone, lens, and mount compatibility

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