Georgia: High Museum of Art

While in Atlanta for the 70th Annual STC Summit, I had the chance to visit the High Museum of Art. On the second Sunday of each month, the Museum offers free admission for all visitors, and it just happened to be the second Sunday in May.

My friend Jackie D and I took the MARTA to the Arts Center stop and went in at our scheduled reservation time.

Museum exterior

All photos were taken using my iPhone 14 Pro Max with the 1.33 anamorphic lens (blue flare) from Moment using the Moment app. The Rodin sculpture “The Shade” seen in the photos below was part of a memorial.

Exterior of the High Museum of Art from the Rodin sculpture area.
The Rodin sculpture with the High Museum of Art in the background.
A view of the Arts Center area from the grassy area between the Rodin sculpture and the museum.
An anamorphic view of the grassy area and benches across from the museum.
A view of the Rodin sculpture from the sidewalk.

Inside the museum

I did check their photography policy before taking any photos. Here are a few photos from the exhibits viewed.

Wieland Pavilion
When I found out there was a photography exhibit at the museum, that was our first destination.
Copies of one of the books with Evelyn Hofer photographs, “London Perceived”.

It was the last week of the Joseph Stella exhibit at the museum, so we made sure to visit the exhibit after the photography exhibit.

The “Tree of Life” painting by Joseph Stella.
A description of the Tree of My Life painting.
Description of some of the paintings on the wall.
A large reprint of a painting on the wall, with a timeline of images on the wall beyond.
Stent Family Wing exhibits
Part of the African Art exhibit.
A view of the atrium area showing two of the floors.
A stained glass window in the European Art exhibit.
A quilt from the African Art exhibit.
Paintings on the wall in the American Art exhibit.

Do you go to local museums when you attend a conference? Why or why not?

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