Georgia: Art of the Brick Immersive Experience

I usually get into town a day or two early when attending the STC Summit. This year was no different. I had heard about the Art of the Brick Immersive Experience, and realized that it would be going on during the conference, so I purchased tickets for myself and my STC colleague Jackie D.

From the website: ” Nathan Sawaya is the first artist ever to take the LEGO brick into the art world as a medium. Sawaya has earned a top position in the world of contemporary art and has created a new dimension by merging Pop Art and Surrealism in awe-inspiring and groundbreaking ways. Sawaya’s touring exhibition – THE ART OF THE BRICK® – has entertained and inspired over 10 million art lovers and enthusiasts around the world. Sawaya is an author, speaker and one of the most popular, award-winning contemporary artists of our time.”

The beginning

This is the first thing we saw as we entered the exhibit. These butterfly wings are made entirely from Lego bricks.
This large head was made of white Lego bricks and the color comes 3D video mapping.

Video of the 3D video mapping on the face. This was a hint of the kind of 3D video mapping used in later exhibits.

The “Pinching Hand” exhibit on display.
Close up of the pinching hand exhibit from the side.
A white head with 4 hands in different colors coming out of it.
A close up of the open top of the head with the hands visible and unused bricks in the bottom.

The middle

The exhibit moves into some stationary sculptures, most of them without 3D video mapping.

This is the Lego sculpture that started it all for the artist. There are varying versions around the room in other colors.
A close up of the hands pulling the chest apart and the bricks spilling out.
Unused yellow bricks at the bottom of the sculpture.
Clouds made out of white Lego bricks.
A face for passion, made out of red bricks.
Three people standing up, made out of gray Lego bricks.
A Lego sculpture of a man laying down with arms up near his face.
Rainbow colored sculptures of people standing up in a line, with one hand on the shoulder of the sculpture in front of them.
Sculptures of people in different positions. The front sculpture is a blue person with black streaks to look like a zebra.

The end

The displays transitioned into a lot of 3D video mapping, some specifically on the sculptures, and some as a background.

This sculpture shows the video background of a snowy area.
A gorilla Lego sculpture with a watery video background.
A close up of the snowy white video 3D mapping on a white Lego base.

One of the rooms had a laying down sculpture with an interesting 3D video mapping background. The Lego bricks in the background were in constant motion.

This particular video background really worked well with the aquatic sculptures.

Have you been to the Art of the Brick Immersive Experience in Atlanta or another location? What did you think?

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