Texas: A storm blows into Brownsville

We got up a little late on Sunday, so we headed over to South Padre Island to see about getting some time lapse of the epic clouds moving in. We missed out on our original location, so we headed to the Port Isabel lighthouse, a State Historical Site. On the way home, we stopped to catch a storm coming into Brownsville.

Port Isabel Lighthouse

We went to the lighthouse last fall, but it was a gloomy, cloudy day. Today’s weather was much better, especially with dramatic clouds.

A view of the Port Isabel lighthouse from the side of a palm tree across the street.
It was hard trying to capture this view without people, so I waited until they had their backs turned.
Still had to wait for people to move, but they moved on a lot faster than on the other side.
The lighthouse view with the site plaque.

On our way back home, we stopped by a parking area that had whooping cranes and pelicans flying around. We didn’t stay long, though. The previously white clouds were bearing down on us with rain, so we snapped a few photos and some video, then left.

The storm

Dark rain bearing clouds across the road from the parking area.
It is so weird to see the rain bearing clouds when you also see the blue skies just behind it.
Blue skies in the distance.

A short video of the storm:

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