Texas: Hot air balloons at the Starlight Ranch

It was exciting to see that there was an event with hot air balloons in Amarillo. We are going to miss this year’s Balloon Fiesta, so we checked out the Up in the Air for Family Care event.

Starlight Ranch

The event was held at the Starlight Ranch, part of the Big Texan empire.

Decorations on one of the buildings.

In a rare appearance, Bob agreed to pose for a photo.

Bob in front of the Shiner Beer sign.

And of course, there must be tacos on site.

Tacos…and it wasn’t even Taco Tuesday!

Hot Air Balloons

Well, this is Amarillo…and it was windy. About 18-20 mph, unfortunately. Which means that the hot air balloons couldn’t put up the balloon envelopes and do a balloon glow. Two of the balloon teams put their balloon baskets in the food court area, which gave us a chance to see some candlesticking.

With the Coors Light tower in the background.
A wide angle photo of the tacos, the hot air balloon, and the Starlight Ranch entrance sign.
The flame in front of the towers, obscuring the radio call sign.
More flame in front of the towers.
One hot air balloon burner aiming upwards, in front of the towers.

I wish the hot air balloons had been able to glow, but it was still nice being out and about.

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