Texas: Rain, rain, and more rain in Rockport

As we went home on the Fourth of July, there was a light rain. Little did we know that we’d get much more rain before it stopped.

The night of Monday, July 5th, the rain started and didn’t stop until the morning of the 9th.

Tuesday morning

Weather radar showing rain.
The Tuesday morning radar, showing rain out in the Gulf of Mexico.

I drew an arrow to where we were in Rockport, which was smack dab in the middle of where the storm was headed.

We still didn’t realize what were in for. This rain was not a gentle rain, but a constant noise. Having lived in Oregon for over 3 decades, we were used to rain – but not this non-stop heavy rain.

Wednesday morning

In hindsight, this is the morning we should have left the RV park. We actually discussed it briefly around 8-9 a.m., but decided to wait and see. By noon, it was too late.

The water levels in the RV park at noon on Wednesday.

And then we looked at the radar:

The radar at 2:40 p.m., just a couple of hours later.

But it got worse if you zoomed out the radar. This storm was huge.

A zoomed out view of the storm.

Though you can’t see it, the bottom of the radar shows Brownsville, TX, which is near the border with Mexico.

The rainy windshield.

If you look closely at this windshield photo, you’ll see a blue line running through the middle. This is the hose that is carrying water out of the RV park into an overflow area.

The water overflow area.

This spot was all but empty when we arrived in Rockport. By the time the rain was done and we got out of the RV park, they had to switch to a secondary overflow area, because the water (and the neverending rain) meant that the water collected here was coming back INTO the RV park.

Thursday morning

Trapped in the RV park, we received an email from the RV park telling us not to empty our tanks. This meant “boondocking” measures were now in effect: very short showers and minimal dishes. We did a lot of cold foods (sandwiches, etcetera) that we could serve on paper towels. The good thing is that we had suspected this might happen, so we had filled our fresh water tank on Wednesday, and dumped our gray and black water tanks also, so we were starting with almost empty tanks.

I opened up the RV door to get this photo – the heavy rain was making the slide topper stretch.
The rain stopped for a few minutes, so I went outside to capture a few photos.
It didn’t stop for long. Note the grassy strip between our RV pad and the park model next door.
4 hours later, the grassy strip is totally underwater, and the plastic storage box has moved on to our concrete pad. (We moved it to the top of the picnic table.)
This was in front of our RV. The water on the right is over the right most portion of our RV concrete pad, covering the lot number.

Friday morning

The rain came up underneath our RV.
A closer look at the rain level on our RV tire. There was probably 3 inches of clearance before the water would get to the bottom of our basement storage.
The water covered our entire RV pad, and was moving onto the park model space next door.
The best news ever on my FEMA app. “The heavy rain has ended.”

Then we waited for the water to recede. The next post will include more photos and video, and us leaving the RV park.

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