Texas: Driving down to Rockport

As I mentioned in my previous post, it was a mistake to do the trip in 2 days. It should be done in 3 days or more. A lot of full-time RVers do the same, travel either 4 hours or 200 miles per day. Anything more is tiring.

Amarillo to San Angelo

We left on a Thursday morning, heading towards San Angelo State Park.  It was a relief to finally travel again, and the really cool thing was that we left on our 1 year anniversary of our arrival in Amarillo. Fitting tribute, we thought. 🙂

The GPS on the dash as we left Amarillo on I-40 East.

Cleo was not used to the travel, and did not react well for the first hour or two of driving. She snubbed us most of the time.  🙂

Cleo looking toward the back of the chair.
Cleo facing the back of the chair, snubbing us.
Finally, Cleo relaxed enough to sleep facing forward towards us.

We finally reached San Angelo State Park, but we were not happy with the delay getting to our site. We had to check in at one place, then drive another 8-10 miles to the entrance. We finally found our RV space, but we ended up setting up in 100 degree heat. That was not fun. Beautiful spot, though.

Sign at the first entrance of San Angelo State Park.
Our RV space at San Angelo State Park.
A closer look at the tree next to our RV space at San Angelo State Park.

San Angelo to Rockport

As hard as the trip to San Angelo was on Thursday, it was even longer on Friday as we drove to Rockport. Not only was our drive at least 6 hours, we had to drive our RV through a major city (San Antonio) right as lunch hour hit on a summer Friday.

Driving into San Antonio on I-10 East with the Pappadeaux sign over to our left.

Once we made it through San Antonio, we made no more stops. We just wanted to get to our RV “home” for the next two weeks.

Our RV home for two weeks…or so we thought.

We were placed between two park models with seasonal owners, so there were very few people in our area.

On our next post, I’ll share some of our adventures from our first weekend in Rockport.

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