Texas: Our vacation in Rockport

This is the first of many posts from our time in Rockport. We had an interesting time, that’s for sure.

Amarillo to Rockport

In retrospect, attempting to get down to Rockport in 2 days travel time was a big mistake. We wanted to avoid taking an extra day off, so it is our fault. Now we know. 🙂 The journey should be done leisurely in at least 3 days travel time.

While in Rockport

We visited quite a few tourist attractions, but mostly on the weekends. While Bob had time off from work, I didn’t, since I just started my new job in May.

Leaving Rockport, take one

Well, this is where we had some issues. We ended up staying in Rockport an extra week, due to those issues.

Leaving Rockport, take two: Rockport to Amarillo

We learned our lesson coming down, so on the way back to Amarillo, we did it in 3 days travel time. It was nice to arrive in our chosen location by about 2 p.m., then relax for a bit before we decided what to do.

Enjoy a couple of photos from our travels.

The USS Lexington from the north beach area.
Swirly clouds over Copano Bay in Rockport.