Texas: Cleaning up after a severe thunderstorm

After the storm came through, it was time to go outside and clean up. We checked for overturned items such as the sewer hose (it held) and our solar LED lights. We also checked places that water could gather and cause issues. That’s where we found that we had quite a bit of water on the slideout, underneath the slide topper.

Cleaning up

Because the passenger side slideout is almost the full length of the RV, there was a lot more water there.

Getting the water off the slideout.

The winds blew dust up into that area too, so the water was pretty dirty coming off the slideout.

The ladder directly against the slideout for better access.

Bob moved the ladder against the slideout for better access, and managed to push more water out through the sides of the slide topper.

Cleaning out the slideout on the driver’s side of the RV.

A lot less water was collected on the slideout on the driver’s side of the RV. This slideout, on the inside, is our kitchen area.

Glad we got that maintenance chore done. I’d rather not have sitting water breeding mosquitos for the summer ahead.

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