New Mexico: 2020 Balloon Fiesta Siesta

For the last 48 years, hot air balloons have filled the skies in Albuquerque at the end of September and the beginning of October. Due to COVID-19, the 49th Annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta was postponed to 2021.

Last year on this day, we were arriving four days early to get set up. This year, we’re in an RV park in Amarillo, and one of us has a full-time job.

Because I miss seeing the hot air balloons, I’m going to have a daily photo post through the dates of the original 2020 festival.

Setup before the Fiesta

Here’s a couple from the setup before the festival started.

The colorful signage pointing to several important areas.

Siesta Live

The 2020 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta may be postponed until 2021, but that isn’t stopping the Balloon Fiesta Live! crew.

Glen Moyer and Art Lloyd Jr, return this year for Balloon Fiesta Live! Siesta Edition. Still live, still providing expert commentary based on their personal ballooning experiences and friendships with our pilots and crews, Glen and Art will be live for 14 sessions during the 9 days of Balloon Fiesta week.

The live streams will air with newly edited videos from previous years on Live streams will also be broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, Channel 27 Comcast Public Access in Albuquerque, and New Mexico Cumulus radio station websites every day of Balloon Fiesta 2020.

Parting photos

I couldn’t leave you without posting a couple more photos.

The balloons were waiting for the cue to go, but unfortunately, the fog moved in.

It’s not every day you see fog at this level – since this was opening day, the crowds were huge (and disappointed).

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