Texas: Stormy skies in Amarillo (2020)

We’ve been in Amarillo for just over 6 weeks, and have had some fun capturing the stormy skies. We regularly take a walk around 8 p.m. or so, before sunset, because of the cooler temperatures. I used my iPhone XS Max and a Moment anamorphic lens for these photos and video.

Across the street from the RV park

Our RV park is located on the western edge of Amarillo, in a mostly rural area that is slowly building suburbs. Across the street from the RV park is a nice 5 acre lot that provides amazing views of sunset. We stay on the public side of the fence, we do not trespass. 🙂

A rainstorm coming in from the west during the golden hour before sunset.
Major cloud buildup for an incoming storm.

Inside the RV park

Sometimes it’s nice to see RVs in the foreground with the clouds in the background.

Our RV with the sunset and storm in the backgorund.
This row is a good area to get a nice shot of the RVs with the clouds in the background.
Another sunset with stormy clouds in the same row at the RV park.


I’ve also been trying to capture some video, so here’s a short (but windy) pan of the area across from the RV park. The traffic in the distance is Interstate 40.

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