Texas: Hopkins County Veterans Memorial (2020)

While I’ve posted about the courthouse and the flowers in the Sulphur Springs town square, I did not mention the Hopkins County Veterans Memorial, which anchors one corner of the square.

Some of the names displayed on the granite walls of the memorial.

The Hopkins County Veterans Memorial was erected to honor the men and women who served our country. All veterans who have lived in or are buried in Hopkins County and received an honorable discharge earned the right to be included on the memorial walls. These individuals served at great personal cost to protect the freedoms that we enjoy today.

The architecture compliments the adjacent, historic Hopkins County Courthouse. The granite memorial was designed to display up to 10,000 names. Included is a computerized kiosk allowing visitors to locate individual names, display information on their service, commendations, and view a picture.

Behind the granite walls with names, there’s a statue of a veteran with a service dog, enjoying the bench.

The wall behind the bench usually has water running down the sides, but the water was not on while we were there. I will enjoy going back at a different time of the year, when it’s cooler. The higher temperatures and humidity meant that we were done about the time the crowds started to get heavier. Bob did some video from the memorial here, with a close up of the statue:




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