Texas: Hopkins County Courthouse (2020)

The current Hopkins County Courthouse was finished in 1895 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. It was also designated as a Texas Landmark in 1975. Designed by J. Riely Gordon, it was one of 18 county courthouses designed and built between 1885 and 1901. This courthouse is one of 12 that remain standing.

It was built in the Romanesque Revival style, and unlike most Texas county courthouses, was built on the northeast corner of the Sulphur Springs town square instead of in the center.

The courthouse from the center of the town square in Sulphur Springs.

The courthouse was restored in 2002 through funds from the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program.

Side views

Side view from the veteran memorial area. To the right is a magnolia tree planted in 1927.
Side view from behind the courthouse. Normally, this corner would have an entrance, but it doesn’t due to the corner location.
Side view from the NE corner.

More views

Wider angle view of the courthouse with the town square flowers in the foreground.
Because it was built to blend in, I almost didn’t realize this was a Little Free Library kiosk. There were books inside.

This particular Little Free Library location is listed as Charter #8761.

I hope that when the pandemic is over and the public is allowed in, I can see and document the amazing interior.

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