Washington: Cedar Creek Grist Mill (2012)

In early November, 2012, I met with a photographer friend at the Cedar Creek Grist Mill in Woodland, Washington. The Cedar Creek Grist Mill is a working museum, showing visitors the inside workings of a grist mill running on water power. Huge pulleys and belts spinning above and below are turning and churning to produce flour, corn meal and even apple cider. The grist mill is only open on the weekends.

historic wooden building with creek and fall leaves
The grist mill from the bridge.
mossy trees with leaves
Trees covered in moss with fall colors.
mossy tree branches with a creek
Moss covered tree with Cedar Creek in the background.
creek running over rocks with leaves
Cedar Creek with a little bit of fog and leaves.
leaves on mossy rocks
Fall leaves all over the rocks with Cedar Creek in the background.

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