Texas: Views around the RV park (2020)

Now that we’ve been here for a few days and are settled in, it was time to explore. While this RV park only has about 30 spaces right now, they are in the midst of expansion. We walked around the field across from us, and explored the catch and release fishing pond on the property.

Field photos

grassy field with trees in the distance
I’ve heard that this is where the RV park will be putting some tiny homes or cottages.
grassy field with trees and pond
View of the catch and release pond.
View from the field towards the catch and release pond, looking west.
tree with branches in grassy field
Looking south from the pond toward the trees.

Catch and release pond views

trees with reflection in a pond.
Reflections in the pond.
pond with trees on the banks
This is quite the large catch and release pond, with lots of trees.
pond with trees to the right
Looking north from the end of the pond.
Full view of pond.
pond with trees
Looking southwest from the pond towards the RV spaces behind the trees.


We are looking forward to exploring more of the local area.

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