Texas: Tornado warning (2020)

For the first time since we arrived at our current destination, we received emergency alerts for a tornado warning. This is also our first ever tornado warning. 🙂

This tornado warning was very specifically for the SE area of Polk County. We calmly walked to the nearest laundry room building, and found we were not alone. Amazingly, there were not as many people there as I expected. A lot of the RVers in this RV park must have assumed it would not hit here. We didn’t want to take a chance. We stayed until the alert time was almost over, and walked back to our RV. The tornado either fizzled out, or it passed northeast of us. We did get some extremely heavy rain for about 2 minutes, so I expect that we got a trailing edge of the thunderstorm.

A couple of hours later, the sun broke through – like there’d never been a storm!  😀

Our RV, glistening in the sunlight, while rain is still coming down the slideout sides.

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