Arizona: Photowalk with Project 52

In 2015 and 2016, I did a year long photography workshop with a mentor and several photographers from all over the world called Project 52 Pros. Though it was mostly focused on commercial and editorial photography, I learned a lot.

In February 2016, there was a meetup of my classmates in Phoenix. We met at a photo studio and did a short photowalk through downtown Houston. Afterwards, we headed to Superior, Arizona for lunch and some more photos.

Downtown Phoenix

I love capturing the details and patterns.
Downtown building with lines and patterns.
The Orpheum sign.
The underside of the Orpheum sign. I captured this because it reminds me a lot of the underside of the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland, Oregon.
Patterns, shapes, and details – plus some color.
These are doors into the Phoenix City Hall building. Loved the texture and details.

Superior, Arizona

We visited the town of Superior for lunch and some photos. While it doesn’t seem like a lot is open, there was plenty of color to capture on the walls.

It was a long but wonderful day with new friends and photographers. I definitely enjoyed checking out Superior, as I had never been there before.

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