New Mexico: Balloon Fiesta, Day 7

When we arrived on the launch field today, the Dawn Patrol balloons were just going up in the air. Always a good sign! We split up so I could head to the media tower on the southeast side of the launch field, and Bob could set up on the north end of the launch field with his video camera.

The weather was cold – 32 degrees and slightly windy. This made pressing the camera shutter hard to do at some points, because my hands felt like blocks of ice.

Today was the second and last day of special shapes, so I tried to capture as many as I could. Not all of the special shape balloons went up, due to wind gusts and time.

Special shapes

Regular hot air balloons

Evening session

We were hoping for the Special Shape Glowdeo tonight, because it was the last chance to see some of the special shapes glow. It was super crowded, just like the morning session, so I just walked my way around crowds and found images/compositions that interested me.

As the sun went down, we got the “glow” portion of the evening.

Because I was close by, I was able to see when the dragon came down in front of me. It’s such a tall balloon, it took a bit longer.

Last, but not least, the stagehands were testing the lights on the newly constructed stage for tomorrow’s Music Fiesta.

I can’t wait to see Justin Moore and Cassadee Pope tomorrow!

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